The Hearts Collective
The Hearts Collective
the best damn wedding photographers
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Thank You for being here.


We have a heart for photographing people in LOVE and the intimate and crazy and fun celebrations that they throw for each other.



What are the memories that you hope to create?


Not only the candid moments, but also the important ones.

You are planning an awesome party, and hope to keep beautiful memories of the good times.

Photographs that will crystalise these precious moments into material memories if we ever fail to remember them in our hearts and in our minds down the road.



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Will it be emotional, fun, or even crazy?

No matter what happens, your photographer will be there every step of the way.

Your photographer will be there to capture the laughter, the hugs, the occasional tears of joy, and all the important moments that you want to remember but don't realise yet.


One thing for sure is..


your photographer has to be







Ordinary human beings who decided to take..

a LEAP OF FAITH for our dreams.


Photography is our way of seeing the world with PASSION.







1) Intimate celebrations with loads of hugs.

2) Kicking back with a beer in hand with our couples.

3) The heartwarming speeches that love ones write for each other.

4) Pop-quizzes, games, bad karaoke AND awkward dancing.

5) GOOD BEER, always.

6) Most importantly, being in the company of awesome gentle-spirited people!